Robert Zverina Short Films season 1: January - May 2006

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Original Airdate: Saturday January 14 2006 at Midnight
Run time:
28:00 minutes
Source dates:
January 15 - February 1 2005

pyramids at neumo's, george bush inauguration protest, adria's freaky yard sale at matt & gwen's, self-inflicted stupors, skipping records

(all addresses are Seattle USA unless otherwise noted):
(1) JAN 15 2005 Sarah Kavage hanging painting for art slide photo shoot, her studio landlord Chris Webb can be heard knocking on her window (2) Sarah lining up silkscreen for second impression of thumbprint design, one of her signature "La Brat" prints (3) "pulling" ink through silkscreen (4) as usual, Miso Maria Consuela Cabeza supervises the operation (5) when silkscreening, ink can be loaded or removed with a spoon (6) screener of hispeed jesse paul miller record sleevehead loop (7) double screener of home movie theater Team America puke scene laughter (8) computer seeks in vain as two drunks reduce everything to sine waves (9) JAN 17 2005 one step in the hydrologic cycle: rain puddle (10) highway driving in seattle grey (11) connie walker gray protectively geared for painting-"does this look right?" (12) rubberized plastic mechanical fish sings a 1980s a cappella hit (13) bruce gray ties off another sack of urban waste (14) JAN 18 2005 seattle autumn is very laid back... mid-january and these leaves haven't left yet (14) taylor works at removing bathtub faucet salvaging for the RE store (15) rattling the knob loose (16) smashing plain tile to free ornamental squares (17) it takes a lot of work to reclaim a $5 tile (18) the RE store (1440 nw 52nd st) is home to two cats and occasional dog guests like this (19) also there live some fish (20) loading a french door at edmonds estate (21) after a long day of salvage, returning to mother ship via back lot (22) color bleeds into night (23) brent watanabe demonstrates FLXer video mixer clip combination (24) the same tv face triple overlaid at various rates (25) crowd surfing and atlantic ocean foam conflated (26) JAN 19 2005 coaxing henry cat across RE store conference table (27) lift truck operator training video (28) see-saw fulcrum illustration (29) "cause of death: suffocation" (30) batteries are like babies... (31) they need water... (32) but given too much... (33) they'll spit up all over (34) fierce arm-biting cat (35) RE store field office cat door (36) ren the dog on a crazy office run (37) RE store loading bay chop saw (38) "as soon as you throw it away, then you wanna go buy it..." (39) JAN 20 2005 george bush inauguration protest at westlake center, 4th and pine (40) black helicopter! black helicopter! (41) uncle sam on stilts (42) unknown rapper with sign language interpreter (43) the seattle head bob (44) more hand jive, something about palestine (45) another chopper-tv, police, or the feds? (46) behind the screen rear projection of camcorded screener of bush tv speech at high speed (47) portland bike ensemble performance at gallery 1412--they play bicycles wired for amplification, 1412 18th ave e (46) the delicate hands of a practiced sushi chef (47) the graceful slice of a well-brandished knife (48) every act meticulous, a glass wipe (49) JAN 21 2005 the pyramids--matthew ford and craig chambers-are early openers at an almost empty neumo's, 925 e pike (50) chambers strokes it three times (51) matthew ford beats and sings (52) chambers' 777 sound (53) ford's big finish (54) catching a ride home with dan strack, space needle in back (55) JAN 22 2005 kernel32 general protection fault computer crash static (56) making music out of a fatal exception (57) the complicated futility of ctrl-alt-del (58) kitchen sink drips in time to black flag (59) leaky faucet, upturned shell (60) miso is fascinated by dripping water (61) record skips, room spins (62) screener of opening sequence, evil dead 3 (63) JAN 23 2005 spinning detail of matthew ford painting (64) craig chambers pirouettes in priceless works gallery tom e hall exhibit (65) adria garcia dances (66) more dancing (67) craig's fancy feet (68) who needs music when you can snap? (69) craig chambers simulates a traffic-smashed can (70) pop o pies, joe's third record (71) screener of beer bottle floating in bath tub, played twice at fast speed (72) jesse paul miller triple O fast loop screener (73) harm the bunny flapping ear fastforward double loop (74) jesse paul miller through drinking glass fast speed screener (75) vintage electric mixer running on empty right before we gave it to lisa (76) pale hand color traces in front of "in focus" x2 digital projector (77) miso chases cursor projected on home theater screen (78) a game of cat and mouse (79) waiting for the film to begin, adria and craig fill in their own music (80) JAN 24 2005 nicole grant preps a bath tub for her dead girls exhibit at priceless works gallery, 619 n 35th st (81) a puff of rust dust for the camera (82) electric drill with wire wheel (83) even an encrusted tub can be reclaimed (84) oliver and claudia wrestle at ophelia's books, 3504 fremont ave n (85) lucubration and lubrication-drinking by laptop light (86) "a little dickel do ya!" (87) bottom's up (88) JAN 25 2005 freight elevator in the cobb building, the first dedicated medical professional office building in the usa, now being salvaged before renovation into residential dwellings, 1301 4th ave (89) slow descent past floor 3 (90) everything that rises must emerge (91) work glove hurled high, tumbles through sky (92) JAN 26 2005 lone sculler along fremont ship canal (93) cats want what they can get (94) cobb building car 3 elevator ascent (95) ben levien sawzalls his way down the side of a stubborn door jamb (96) neat withdrawal of sawzall from door (97) RE store truck "possum" pulls away northbound on 15th ave (98) glimpse of backseat dog leaning out car window (99) joel blaschke lowers "whitey" liftgate in lot where semi trailer bound for bellingham is kept, crackhead camper in background (100) taylor picks up errant metal with magnet on handle (101) view from RE store loading bay (102) nicole pearson instructs actors in proper pseudo-corpse breathing technique, priceless works gallery (103) tv, guitar, and passing car-life goes on (104) JAN 27 2005 blue ridge remodel bathroom vanity removal (105) henry is bitey (106) flattened can manufacturing attempt (107) dramatic re-enactment of daily street tragedy (108) after asbestos abatement, all that's left in cobb building bathroom is a floor covered with questionable adhesive (109) 4th avenue loadout (110) "fucking bluecollar...", sunset bowl, 1420 nw market st (111) joel blaschke misses a difficult spare (112) joel misses an easy one while bowlers on either side make theirs (113) ben levien sticks a sword in his eye (114) ragan peck as seen and heard through an empty glass (115) "try our new sunday morning specials," sunset bowl (116) big stained teeth and belch (117) strained vocalization (118) "yo, check this shit out"--flapping hands, latenight drunkenness, an embarrassment (119) JAN 28 2005 adria garcia with an old high school art project, 619 nw 43rd st (120) not a bad day for a yard sale, adria pushes her wares past matthew and gwen's house (121) reggae record plays through a screen door to leary avenue where it is lost to noise of passing cars (122) adria rocks an ear of corn harmonica (123) a rotted antenna ball exhibits peculiarities of phase interruption (124) while continually slowing to a halt, it appears to accelerate at times when camera frequency is out of sync (125) miso is a very cute cat and we love her (126) screener of unknown origin (127) my 8 pm confession, another killed day (128) JAN 29 2005 colored full-mouth tooth molds salvaged from cobb building dental office (129) bill horist lends his prodigious guitar talent to "two loons for tea", tost, 513 n 36th st (130) guy maddin introduces "cowards bend the knee" at northwest film forum, 1515 12th ave (131) illicit screener of maddin's silent movie style flic (132) the beguiling screen test pattern at northwest film forum (133) a closer look (134) a flapping louvered ventilation vent and slowly closing garage door, the subtle winking of the street (135) JAN 30 2005 adria garcia photo manipulation screener (136) chiaroscuro survey of finger-high baby dolls, the fall plays (137) water plinks into upturned jar lid (138) accelerated loop of oregon coast waves (139) intelligence "weekends in jail" red vinyl spins (140) stylus close-up of bassline (141) now for the label-best song of the year (142) a skipping LP loop (143) adria garcia and craig chambers quietly rocking (144) holding the phone up to a guitar and ukelele duet (145) JAN 31 2005 unihearteous dogfood factory being converted into a production studio, 35th and phinney in fremont (146) FEB 1 2005 fisherman's terminal as seen from 15th avenue heading west at 30 mph (147) looking sideways, looking back (148) the sun rises between seattle highrises' crack (149) red light, the sun won't stop its ascent (150) bicycle motion is magic (151) white-shirted men handtruck paper through downtown intersection (152) everybody moving in their own directions (153) our seemingly futile search for parking crosses the path of the papertrucking men (154) unscrewing a hook which once held a heavy tank (155) saints of salvage are usually relegated to the servants' entrance/elevator (156) the heavy essence of a longdead tree heaved onto a truckbed (157) greenwood ballet class-"pervert" (158) lifting the hood on a for sale japanese jalopy yields a predictable response (159) the rattling of a clawfoot tub as it's carted across RE store back lot (160) relative motion magazine picture salsa (161) RE store end of day dual receipt spit-out (162) 360 view of a tacky light fixture salvaged from bellevue (163) shadow of motobecane 10-speed being pushed down darkened hall at the end of another workday