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Top 10 Reasons to Go Carfree
(Excerpted from Your Guide to Going Carfree: Seattle Edition)

10.... Cars and the roads that accomodate them do tremendous damage to our beautiful planet, not to mention the huge amount of oil resources burned as fuel which could be better used to produce durable goods. GLOBAL WARMING IS A FACT.
9.... Car-centric urban planning makes places less livable and more dangerous.
8.... You can save a ton of money by not driving. You no longer have to worry about car payments, gas, insurance, repairs, parking fees and tickets. Middle class people spend 20-50% of their income sustaining the automobile habit. If you lose the car, you could probably work less.
7.... Riding a bike or walking are great sources of exercise. Driving to the gym is absurd, isn't it?
6.... Riding mass transit improves mass transit. When more people ride and put money into the system through fares, better equipment and new routes are added.
5.... Driving induces stress which leads to illness and ultimately death.
4.... Children who are not chauffeured everywhere grow up healthier and more independent. 
3.... Cars are dangerous to people and other critters. More than 50,000 people die worldwide each year as a result of automobile accidents. Millions of creatures become roadkill every day. Roads disrupt migration routes and create deadly barriers to animals.  
2.... Commuting on public transport gives you time to think, read, write letters, catch up on school work, meet the people around you, nap or just totally space out. When you bike, skate, or walk you have a more intimate contact with the world and the people in it.
1.... The more we keep driving cars, the more we'll keep fighting wars for oil.

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