To Struga Festival Golden Wreath Laureates
& International Bards 1986

Allen Ginsberg's advice to all people, poets & otherwise

¨ Stand up against governments, against God.

¨ Stay irresponsible.

¨ Say only what we know & imagine.

¨ Absolutes are Coercion.

¨ Change is absolute.

¨ Ordinary mind includes eternal perceptions.

¨ Observe what's vivid.

¨ Notice what you notice.

¨ Catch yourself thinking.

¨ Vividness is self-selecting.

¨ If we don't show anyone, we're free to write anything.

¨ Remember the future.

¨ Advise only myself.

¨ Don't drink yourself to death.

¨ Two molecules clanking against each other require an observer to become scientific data.

¨ The measuring instrument determines the appearance of the phenomenal world after Einstein.

¨ The universe is subjective.

¨ Walt Whitman celebrated Person.

¨ We are observer, measuring instrument, eye, subject, Person.

¨ Universe is Person.

¨ Inside skull vast as outside skull.

¨ Mind is outer space.

¨ "Each on his bed spoke to himself alone, making no sound."

¨ "First thought, best thought."

¨ Mind is shapely, Art is shapely.

¨ Maximum information, minimum number of syllables.

¨ Syntax condensed, sound is solid.

¨ Intense fragments of spoken idiom, best.

¨ Move with rhythm, roll with vowels.

¨ Consonants around vowels make sense.

¨ Savor vowels, appreciate consonants.

¨ Subject is known by what she sees.

¨ Others can measure their vision by what we see.

¨ Candor ends paranoia.

Allen Ginsberg
Kral Majales
June 25, 1986
Boulder, Colorado

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