...Object in my Ass. [from the "First..." series]

perversion came
easy to me.

raised on TV
I graduated
to pornography
then decided
to set my own scene.

i spent most
of my money
on a pack
of Polaroid film & flash
for the old OneStep
forgotten in my
mother's closet.

i locked the door
to my room
and placed the camera
on a chair.

i vaselined the black rubber
handle of a hammer
and cautiously
slid it into my ass.

i got it in deep
enough to where
it stood up
by itself.

w/ one knee on the bed,
the other leg straight
to the floor,
i twisted around
and, using a long
slender piece of wood
snaked from the bottom
of a pull blind,
i strained to press
the round red button
on the front of the camera
(it had no timer).


and there i am
one minute later, 14
or 15 years old, pale ass
impaled by a claw hammer.

it slid out clean and i
brought it to the bathroom
to wash off the grease.

"what are you doing
in there?" my mother asked.

"washing my hands."

several years later,
fearing it evidence, i cut
up the photograph
but now i wish i had it--

it was the best.


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