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April 20, 2024

glassy conditions and water temperature 60F made for a delightful wetsuit swim out past the pilings but as we were getting out a faint breeze started riffling the surface and very quickly developed into a full-on rain squall with gusts of 33mph. i predicted we'd lose power and 10 minutes later we did, along with 2,422 other households in the PUD3 district. but the line crews get plenty of practice in these parts and had it back on about an hour later. i enjoy small doses of discomfort, so i went out to the spit to experience the fast moving weather system which alternated between sun and rain while the wind blew hard and steady the whole time, soaking then drying me in quick succession--like sailing minus the boat! i felt i'd gone somewhere though mostly i huddled in the lee of a drift log on the beach. white caps criss-crossed around the point, pushed and pulled by swirling wind and outgoing tide, clouds roiling and racing majestically before finally dissipating as i turned my attention from salish sea to forest hillside to observe the everchanging light. sarah came out with buttered fresh baked bread that tasted like life itself, warm in my hands.