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April 2, 2024

the indignity and discomfort of air travel is a
fraught way to bookend a vacation, whereas
taking the train is something to actually look
forward to. i remember one fellow rail rider
describing the difference thus: "on the train,
i feel like a citizen; when i fly, i'm a subject."
it feels good to arrive at king street station,
walk leisurely through its doors and settle in
on a old wooden bench in its stately waiting
, minus the gauntlet of security checks,
and it isn't long before we're called to board.
we've been planning this trip to witness the solar eclipse
in sarah's hometown in ohio since the last north american
one in 2017
, back when april 8 2024 seemed impossibly
distant, but here we are, another 7 years gone in an instant.
it's 46 hours from seattle to chicago on the empire builder--
blazing fast by 19th century standards!--and i'm here for
                   every minute of it. time is the ultimate luxury
                   and slow travel is about savoring the in between
                   rather than merely overcoming it. enjoy the ride!