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December 31, 2023
sunny and patchouli sunny and patchouli sunny
sunny and patchouli patchouli sunny
sunny sunny sunny
sunny sunny sunny
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sunny and patchouli are charismatic cats. also quite photogenic. all year long as they inadvertently struck poses i'd exclaim, "we're living in a cat calendar!" and since sarah's aunt susie kept requesting pix it only made sense to make it so. it started simply as a gift for family, complete with birthdays noted, but i had so many extra pictures i made a CATMANIA edition with a picture for each day, gleefully rendering it useless for planning. well, cats don't plan. and even though it's a leap year, 366 pix doesn't even scratch the surface of all the images i amassed in 2023. but it's a start. happy meow year!