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November 17, 2023


rachael turned me on to a local estate auction website a couple of months ago and i've been bidding here and there on random but essential items, mostly tools and building materials. today "there" turned out to be a bit further away than we reckoned, but it was just about worth the trip for a couple of quality rugs, workbench, sawhorses, and heavy duty power cords, all for under a hundred bucks. but it was an 85-minute drive, an hour of which was spent going two miles--as the crow flies, that is, but we had to go around the foot of hood canal, a big ol' dog leg that can only be avoided with a jet pack or amphibious vehicle. driving makes me feel like an asshole for just adding to the problem, and this bleak landscape along the way reminded me how fraught the edifice and history we inhabit is: gouge the land, lay the road, power follows, data flows, the entire structure built to expedite extraction of every fish, tree, and mineral--as these scraggly remnants of recent clearcut attest. damn shame, i think and hit the gas.