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August 23, 2023

you know it's an irksome task if you'd rather procrastinate
by pumping gunky brown water out of a cistern. (the first
150 gallons of rain catchment was tainted by residue from
 when i demossified the woodshop roof.) at long last i found
a use for that lonesome sawhorse i got at goodwill--clamped
  a short garden hose to it so discharge shot past the entry area, a
beguiling braid of liquid gold, it generated a mountain of foam.
fun! but then i had to spend rest of the day waterproofing and
the legacy leaks on north side of the house. finally
finished at dusk. now all that's left is to cut, paint, and hang
fresh trim from salvaged cedar fenceboards and re-install
 the carefully removed siding. but that's just icing on the
cake. the biggest move lately was getting the porch lights
wired, fulfilling one of the only design aspirations i had:
red and green bulbs for a nautical touch. if this house were
a boat, it would be the Ship of Theseus, replaced bit by bit.