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December 27, 2022
i admire this cyclist braving the elements. had an eventful
crossing. alarm sounded. that got everyone's attention. "this
is a drill." palpable relief. "launch rescue boat #2." the ferry
slowed. passengers gathered at a window where a worker
pointed to the bright green hull of a capsized kayak. i was
surprised they stopped the boat to do coast guard work, but
the compulsory solidarity of the maritime ethic makes me
wonder why the same rules of mutual aid don't extend to
society in general. they quickly retrieved the kayak that had
probably been carried off by a king tide swollen with heavy
rain and snow melt. i dreaded what i'd find in tahuya as we
were told the property floods, and sure enough half the yard
was under water that reached the garage foundation. it even
dislodged a 4x4 carport post that floated forlorn in our brand
new lake. but hey, who doesn't long for waterfront property?