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August 22, 2022
had to move the truck early this morning and
found the back covered with so much birdshit
it almost felt intentional, as if in retribution
for all humanity's crimes against nature. a
spider had built its web between rack and
tailgate, which was unusual and made me
wonder if there was a connection, like maybe
it was being opportunistic, figuring that poop
attracts insects and so why not set up shop
there? (little did it know the real action was
in our lobby.) hung around in the morning
waiting for long overdue mattress upgrade
to be delivered, impressed when one of the
delivery guys ran it in by himself, hunched
under the queen size hybrid, an oddball feat
of strength and agility worthy of the highland
. our agenda was much more leisurely
and we ambled to the lake, not envying the
crew installing astroturf at miller playfield,
each boundary line and marking not merely
painted on but a different color leafy plastic
mat cut to shape and laid in in what had to
  be a grueling and finicky process. we were
helped across the perpetual road work on
by a kindly gent in dayglo vest
then saw a large flock of cyclists on what
appeared to be some kind of guided tour.
at denny blaine, i did my civic duty and
phoned the parks department to report the
  usual safety buoy missing. oblivious motor
are always a problem at this beach
even with the marker and we felt way more
vulnerable without it so we stuck closer to
  shore, filming in the shallows. swimming
is its own kind of dreaming. back
home, we tested the springs then rode our new,
improved bed like a submarine into the depths
  of a siesta, a perfectly lazy summer day.