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July 20, 2022

when the lodge is booked, we resort to using a
  nice neighbor's dock. it's rickety, heaped with
  clots of desiccating gooseshit, and when you
stand on one side it submerges just enough to
drive hordes of spiders up through the gaps in
the splintery boards. it's great! we saw swarms
of tiny striped fish and tried to induce them to
nibble our toes as bigger fish picked off the little
  ones at the edges. we walk miles daily going up
and down the stairs, from treehouse to sheds,
woodshop to tool trailer, clocking those steps
and wearing out our feet, but despite all that
julian has juice left over to jog to and fro along
shore as we take it easy, soaking our dogs while
shawn dips his. the approach to the platform
 is basically just planks nailed to a fallen tree,
which makes it narrow and wobbly, a suitably
impractical catwalk for a batty fashion show.
then shawn set up a tent with his eyes closed.