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July 2, 2022

                i often say that one of the things i like about construction is the problem-solving
               aspect and sometimes i even believe it, ha ha. when it comes to cutting irregular
              shapes, i've sort of come full circle. the longer i do this work, the more i try to
             get away with taking fewer measurements, relying instead on eyeballing or
            scribing because "just about" is often good enough, depending on the
           task, but today's challenge of hanging plywood sheathing between
          vari-angled rooflines demanded a more methodical approach
         requiring long and short levels and a tape measure. the
       process was to draw an arbitrary level line on the
      wall then measure plumb up and down from
     that and transfer those measurements
    to the ply with T-square and 
   chalkline. each piece was
  unique and it felt good
 fitting the puzzle