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June 21, 2022
i live in a co-op, which is
just like a condo but with
slightly different fine print
and a few extra rules that
foster a sense of community
and discourage speculation.
so, when you try to buy into
the Gables, you face a group
of any and all residents who
want to have a say about you.
during one such interview, an
applicant admitted to living
with three cats. the involuntary
moans i emitted alarmed him.
"is that too many?" he asked.
"no, it's a start!" we've been
cat deprived around here.
dusty died last autumn and
miso passed in january, so
it's a rebirth to have 2 new
queens ruling the garden,
sassy sisters rocky & blue
(the 3rd lives deliciously indoors).
rock is more outgoing, likes
it rough and shows her claws
but stops just shy of drawing
blood. she is sweet and fun!