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June 19, 2022

this office building is across from our jam space and we've taken to
hanging out here before entering mancave to plug in our instruments,
weather permitting. today's late spring splendor didn't just permit, it
demanded. our perch is nestled beside parking lot, overlooking swank
floating patio with million dollar views of even more expensive
yachts. every sunday i wend around south end of lake union, under
scaffolding of expanding cancer hospital, skirting new google and
amazon hives, past the humble center for wooden boats, then along
gooseshit clotted shore where folks sunbathe and pump up inflatable
kayaks and SUPs. the little figure below, barely discernible, is jesse,
who i directed from far across the lake via text to stand against
white corner. he was first, but it soon swelled to all six 4shadows.