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June 13, 2022
i bought this jeweler's stand for $11 thinking it
would facilitate making solar drawings but the
planet spins so fast i had to keep adjusting it, a
reminder that it's tough to beat the human hand
for range & responsiveness, the
subtlest movements controlling
the line weight & focus, naked
lens balanced gently between
thumb and two fingers.

thought it only appropriate to buy some old-timey
candy at las golondrinas, offered the roll around
to everyone in the gift shop. Laura the cashier
declined but a much older docent in bonnet and
gown was thrilled to meet a presumptive ally,
presented upturned palm with 7 black wafers
she'd dug out of her apron, explaining that Laura got her
fill of the (highly prized) licorice ones she set aside for her.
it was sweet to gain this little insight into their relationship
& still tickles me a day later, so here you go--wanna Necco?