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June 4, 2022
woke up 3:50 a.m. in Flagstaff motel, 10 minutes
ahead of the alarm to catch 4:20 Southwest Chief
east to Albuquerque, running 28 minutes late. lack
of punctuality aside, Amtrak restores my faith in
the USA. such a mix of people, where else in the
world does this easy pluralism exist? i sit at table
in sightseer lounge where nearby a young Latino
practicing unplugged electric bass attracts an old
Black man whose eyes light up eager to talk about
music as smiling Amish father turns around in his
seat to ask questions about the instrument. in line
waiting for coffee, i overhear pro poker player in
purple jumpsuit discussing split gear straight ten
big rig transmissions with vacationing trucker. one
really gets the sense most people would rather seek
common ground than amplify trivial differences...

                                 ...and that train keeps a-rollin'...