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March 12, 2022
awash in a vortex of stuff, every time i visit maui i pledge to downsize
ASAP. so why is it one of the first things i did yesterday was pick up
this LP on hold at wall of sound? then tonight during georgetown
 artwalk i blew $2 on a novelty country 45.* these are small
acquisitions, but i must watch out--they add up
& everything you own is a burden on your soul.
mine is ballasted by books and records, feels
like i'm swimming in molasses when just
days ago i moved freely as disembodied
energy, zero G, suspended between a
molten mirror & lattices of diffracted
sunlight crackling like electricty across
miniature mountains of sandy bottom

what a thrilling contrast to go from
that to city bus and scruffy lavatory!
but i enjoy meeting new people, such
  as sophia wheelwright, maker of this
window screen mesh sculpture. when i
likened it to the underside of the ocean
, she knew just what i meant.

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*actually, i begged Sarah to buy it for me because i'd given her all my cash in the morning towards her purchase
  of a 17' aluminum grumman canoe from a guy who whined in his ad that no one would paddle with him anymore.
  it became obvious why when he started feeling us out for hard right sympathies, starting with some light antivax
  humor then quickly moving on to simpering MAGA worship and unhinged Q-anon fantasy. nice guy, otherwise.