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February 24, 2022

sleepy at the beach, i laid a towel in the sand, piled some under my head, got to know the inside of my hat.
it could have been a calatrava cathedral, all natural material smelled nice, like a far-off hut in simpler times.
went for a swim, floated in lotus position and contemplated a brainlike coral head, node for undersea thought.
at 2 years old i wandered off and fell into a creek. my parents found me face down, pulled me out just in time.
maybe that's why i have this sense i'll meet my end by drowning. i don't mind. i feel perfect when submerged,
eyes engulfed by gentle hues, blowing bubbles so i can settle on ocean bottom, linger there for as long as i can.
i surface with an air of regret, stagger onto land, ungainly, bipedal again, chilled by a steady onshore breeze.
i splash along the shore to rock seawall where ankle-high waves crash in tiny cataclysms, find a sunwarmed
boulder almost too hot to touch, a perfect fit for my spine, life reduced to simplest elements, i close my eyes.