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February 1, 2022

I've flown to Maui enough times to know
which side of the plane to sit on for the best
views on the approach to oddly named OGG.
Being the height of humpback whale season,
I had hopes of seeing some and boy was I not
disappointed. The white wakes you see in the
deep blue are tour boats chasing after them (not to
be confused with wave breaks in brown shallows),
so that's where I looked first, but as we descended
I started seeing spouts elsewhere and soon enough
saw three different adult pairs almost directly below,
their gigantic bodies suspended weightless in crystal
clear cerulean blue, moving graceful and easy as our
plane bounced and shook, doing what our pilot
described as the Kahului hula. Unfortunately,
my outmoded phone camera wasn't up to
the task of capturing their majesty so
I just had to etch the memory.