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December 25, 2021

spacer             although we like to mock it in song, not so deep down i have a soft spot
            for christmas as secular celebration of the season, a festival of light and
           reconnection amid short dark days of northwest winter where the sun,
       if we see it all, sinks below the horizon well before 5. here, we are
      connoisseurs of cloud and though we didn't get the anticipated     
 white christmas, receding layers of cumulonimbus festooned
the sky with grey garlands--such gay bunting!--and we even
caught a peek of post-sunset pink, a cause for celebration, 
as we ambled down
to adria and craig's where the air
was redolent with holiday spirit, cinnamon scent of   
ovenwarmed sticks and a picture perfect tree that          
made me feel small in the best possible way.             

                               from there we caught a
                               train to pottersville...