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       Nov 16, 2021

Harbor Freight is the dollar store of hardware and I typically avoid it, but I needed multiple 16" F-clamps and they had the best deal in town, or online for that matter, plus there was the added advantage it was right on the way to my White Center jobsite. (In normal times I would have taken the West Seattle bridge, but that's been out of commission for ages so I joined the teeming masses detoured through stop-and-go Georgetown traffic.) There's a much fancier woodworker's boutique right across the street where comparable clamps go for four times the price so I took a chance on the cheapies, which actually seem pretty well constructed and even if they do give out, turns out they're guaranteed for life, which was a pleasant surprise. I could relate to this cashier, multitasking on a short break by reading, smoking, and catching some rays. I've worked a lot of jobs I didn't relish and remember how necessary those little escapes into literature and sunshine can be.