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September 25, 2021

what is going on here? there's a world of difference between the lake on a weekday vs. saturday. the blue boat on the left is a frequent lurker. dressed like a tinpot dictator, the captain and his buddy drag anchor through the swim zone and play at fishing as they gawk at the nudies. when i swam up to ask why he was so close, he got hyperaggressive and asserted he could pull up onto the beach if he wanted! but just because it's legal doesn't make it right. as anticipated, his presence drew others. at one point there were four boatloads of invasive voyeurs pulled in close. add to that floatplanes picking up people left and right and it reminds me why i seldom come down on weekends. but the days are shortening and, barring an autumn heatwave, it felt like the last chance for a proper summer dip. the water's already cooled quite a bit and my muscles twitched as i shivered on the beach after swimming around the obstacles and through the chop to the buoy.