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August 15, 2021

I'd been home less than 48 hours when it was time to shove off
again--literally this time, stowing away for a two-night sail on
Vive. Captain Deuel picked me up directly from my first jam in
months and first with full house (minus Rich) since March 2020.
Though I left earlier than expected, the half sesh was catharsis
enough, a banshee wail of paranoid retreat and comic nihilism.
My creative life has been on hold and I was eager to sing, play
music... and make the most of the boat trip by making a movie!

My approach to filmmaking is to allow interesting locations to
set the terms of the story, so I concocted a gothic maritime yarn
to take advantage of my time aboard Tom's deluxe 41' sailboat--
like Knife in the Water crossed with Twilight Zone. A tale small
enough to fit in a dinghy, easy to shoot, but both of us were kind
of pooped and it quickly started to feel like work so I shelved it
for now, but did get some B roll, a hint of which I mashed up.