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July 3, 2021

people build roofs to keep the rain off their heads. the motives and
methods have remained remarkably unchanged for hundreds of years,
as this model in Carpenters' Hall shows. after our visit, we just barely beat a
downpour to a plastic shrouded sidewalk table at a mediocre mexican place, from which we watched various responses
to the weather: running!; a family like ducks in a row, each with their own umbrella from kids to parents, appropriately
sized; a man snuggled up to a tree, desperate for just enough cover to keep his cigarette dry; and our unlucky server, who
slipped and fell on slick slanted cement but didn't spill a drop of enchilada sauce, a truly heroic effort. the rain stopped, we
hit a bookshop, then on to theater to see Summer of Soul with about a dozen other filmgoers. free silkscreened poster was
an unexpected bonus and i bribed a worker $1 for a trash bag to protect it as it was coming down in buckets again. these
conditions called for an ark, not the bus, but we settled for a lyft and applauded these young lovers riding out the storm.