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June 29, 2021

 air thick and hot as a swamp by 8 a.m. as i walked a mile or two of errands. sought refuge at this classic diner, of a type unknown in seattle and even here a vanishing breed. in my younger years, we took diners for granted. they were just where you landed after a long night out to fortify yourself with greasy food and one last drink. everyone here at the Melrose looked like a regular, and i was hoping to be pulled into conversation, but i didn't want to be pushy, so i ended up eating my runny eggs and underdone hashbrowns in silence, content. halfway through, a natty gent sat down one stool over and the waitress guessed his order. instead of cordial thanks, he grew suspicious: "how'd you know that?" "it's what you got last time." when his food came, he got surly: "can i have a knife and fork--if it isn't too much trouble?" she apologized, brought a napkin-wrapped bundle immediately. he tried to draw me into this apparent conspiracy--"the games they play." (the server was asian.) "seems like an honest mistake," i countered (ha ha). he gave me a look and chuckled bitterly, off and on for minutes after, as if pitying my naivete. i put my earbuds in. some conversations just aren't worth indulging.