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April 2, 2021


One's housing dollar goes a lot further in Philly. I mean, there's
room to breathe in this 2400 sq ft duplex that sold for $165K in
2010. When we first got here I was stoked to hit the weight set,
but a week of 12-hour work days disabused me of that; still, the
bench makes a great drying rack for Sarah's delicates after my
first visit to a 21st century laundromat. Not much has changed
except for the number of quarters one must finesse into the slot:
19 for the triple loader. Kin's is a nice, clean, quiet place. About
the same distance in opposite direction, you get more for less
at Moore Beverage. Pennsylvania makes it hard to buy alcohol.
(Maybe that's what's suppressing real estate prices--though they
do seem to be on the rise.)
Beer is relatively easy,
wine less so, and if you
you want the hards,
it takes a special trip
to one of a very few
state stores, which in
Covid shopper-throttling times
means lines out the door. I'd
chalk it up to Quaker morality,
but then explain smoking bars.
Nothing makes sense, and that's
what keeps life so interesting.