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  March 29, 2021

my fanciest tool is this 1996 3.4L 4WD Tacoma.
it's old enough to be considered an antique vehicle
in most states, but with only one prior owner in the
northwest, where road salt is rare, it's rust-free and
in tip-top mechanical shape with only 175K miles
miles, which is middle-aged for a Toyota. it cost
more than i care to admit, but it proves its worth
every time i put it to the test, as with today's fairly
prodigious load of tools and lumber. you can see it
riding low in back, so i'll need helper leaf springs,
but even overloaded it felt assured and up to the task.

we set up shop today on Petty's Island, in defunct Citgo
, technically still the property of Venezuela,
but soon the whole island will be ceded to New Jersey
to become a permanent nature preserve. i spent most of
the day applying sealant to the lumber, grateful for big
winds blowing through that carried the fumes away.

meanwhile, sarah and her crew scoped a new spot
for the benches we're building because their first
pick got occupied by a pair of nesting eagles, so,
for once, it's the humans who are being displaced...