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November 30, 2020

bought a 100-stack of utility blades years ago and what's left
spilled out of my bag today, a couple poised en pointe like
ballerinas, marvels of materials science. i was doing a couple of
quick window ledge fixes at our previous home, in carbon copy
  unit directly above our old one, vacant in between owners
and it's amazing how much bigger small floor plan
looks when it's not packed to the rafters with all
our stuff. went from there to check on boat, first
time in months and was awestruck by how dry
it was inside despite what felt like lots of rain.
just shows to go you what a big tarp can do.
hisham came down and we played tennis
on a bepuddled court with waterlogged
balls, dressed in jeans and jackets, and
it was pretty damn fun. after that
we quaffed reed's ginger
on the stony lake
shore. would've sat on
the boat but my
neighbors were
on theirs and it
seemed more
polite to
keep a healthy distance as
unseen sunset colored the clouds
and bellevue glowed preternaturally...