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November 1, 2020

What if the light at the end
of the tunnel is a train? Four
years of dread might be coming
to an end but either way no one
knows what happens next or how
bad it will get. I've been keeping my head down, trying to land One's A Crowd in friends' hands before the cataclysm. The film is in the can, all that's left is the packaging and it will be painstakingly bespoke, spray stencilled DVD labels and hand-drilled front cover spelling the title like a shotgun blast. A sunny day is always a solace, even when it hangs low at high noon when we gather among the long shadows of strangers and neighbors, huddled on the brink, seeking direction, not really finding it but grateful to be searching together. Circling back, Sarah in her boot set the pace for the walk home.