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July 2, 2020

conventional wisdom here is summer doesn't start
until july 5th and it held true today--overcast, morning
sprinkles, low 60s--but millis, mayet, and i had
standing plans to do some socially distanced sailing
so we met in leschi at 11:30 regardless, expecting to
shove off at noon. but we were delayed on the dock,
transfixed by the salvage operation to extract and
refloat a flipped, submerged plane. i wasn't too
surprised because i got a text about it yesterday--
oddly enough, the same plane i photographed
just two days before. i wondered then what
kind of person has their own float plane;
the answer seems to be: an amateur.
it was a circumspect game of inches as
Ace Aviation towed, lifted, spun, and rearranged
the hoist
as it twisted in a lively breeze. took
four painstaking hours but they ultimately set
it back down on its pontoons to the polite
applause of a dozen bystanders. we'd
been joking the whole time about the
salvage crew's struggles, then got immediately karma'd as
the wind blew us broadside against a nearby dock as soon as
we pulled out of the slip. after several minutes of slapstick,
we finally got it pointed properly and motored out, where we
drifted on a steady southerly to the middle of the lake before
finally hoisting the main and tacking back to the marina.