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June 7, 2020

this afternoon, a man armed with handgun and improvised high-capacity magazine stopped his car just short of mowing down a crowd of protesters, then shot one who attempted to disarm him. the police kept their distance, refused to intervene, and when the would-be murderer voluntarily surrendered to them behind their lines they politely escorted him away. (it was later revealed his brother works at the "besieged" precinct.) i missed all that, but went down around 10 pm to add my voice. earlier, the mayor and SPD chief urged police restraint and banned the use of teargas. as usual, the protest was peaceful, the intersection of 12th & pine eerie with police floodlights. i left just before midnight and hadn't even reached home when i heard all hell break loose. the police, claiming to have been attacked (the usual lie), "responded" with overwhelming force. they fired a stun grenade into a young woman's chest, almost killing her, and detonated more than 100 flashbangs and enough chemical agents to befog the entire neighborhood, poisoning bystanders in their homes. the seattle police department has run amok, telling easily refuted lies, defying orders, and committing acts tantamount to war crimes against the citizenry. but the more they try to suppress, the stronger and more determined we get.     #defundthepolice
overpolicing spd
one of the more lightly defended approaches, 13th & pine
hello protest kitty
hello kitty elite antifa commandos holding seattle hostage
protest bouquet
help SPD identify this: explosive or incendiary device?
11th and pine barricade
years of standing motionless at rock shows prepared us for this