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June 3, 2020

i've been trying to develop some
principles in my wayward time on
this plane of existence. i'm mostly
embarrassed about who i used to be, but
i remain optimistic about my chances for
self-improvement. one thing i've learned
is if a friend asks for a favor, you should do it
whether or not it's convenient. saying yes should
be a default setting, plus it saves one the trouble of
doing any kind of calculus. so i helped thomas return
his truck to a shop in auburn where he'd taken it when it
broke down on a trip, after which new problems emerged.
it took about three hours round trip,
including some pleasant commiserating
conversation on his deck, not much above a
whisper so's not to disturb his neighbors. between
talk of plague and police state, it verged on complaint,
but there comes a point where you just have to chalk it up
to human nature--can we evolve ourselves out of repeating
the same mistakes forever? we can and must...   (continued