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April 13, 2020

spacer my hands never look this bad
 from work, but now they're so
chapped from constant washing this
inchworm probably thinks it's on the
sunbaked desert lakebed of burning man,
little suspecting that too has been canceled.

poor li'l guy was so hungry! how could i tell?
i know cuz all animals eat and none stays full.

how large is the hunger of a starving insect?

it has nothing to do with size, but perspective.

some consumption only leads to more need--
think of billionaires, tapeworms, and coke fiends.

in just weeks of covid-19 crisis, jeff bezos' net worth has
increased by $24 billion--that's more than i make all year!

how does he do it?  he is relentless!

he just eats and eats while those doing the work are denied PPE or paid leave when
they get sick and spread it because they can't afford to not show up. rinse and repeat.

i am a god to this wee critter and despite its desire to nibble at our garden i still wouldn't
crush it, which is more mercy than some giants in this land of inequality seem capable of.