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March 9, 2020

are peaks by necessity few and far between? a mountain range, a range of           
  emotion--what's the difference? who wouldn't rather look at the rockies jagged
in the distance than hold a ruler to a level horizon? fortunately, there's no need
to choose, especially on the water where the 'scape changes with every breath
of wind, surge of tide, and pull of current. but i'm overstating all of this...

today the lake was placid, glassy, as i took the boat out for this
year's maiden voyage with kim and katie, a couple i met via
craigslist to take the helm of gray goose while i'm away.
barely a breeze, just enough to billow the sails a wee
bit as we cruised by leschi at walking speed. the
forecast was for 46℉ but it felt warmer in the
  sun and there was no place i'd rather
have been as i started a fast (followed
by intense laxative cleanse) for My
First Colonoscopy™ tomorrow.

ah, yes, peaks and valleys!