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January 29, 2020

Today was all about movies.                                                                                                                                          
First, editing my own, which is getting real close, 30 minutes of rough cut with overdubs in                                    
the can, another hour or so to go. While today's work was rendering, I happened to catch a Seinfeld episode, The
Movie, which I then more or less lived when I went to meet Jackie at Ark Lodge Cinemas to see Parasite. She
was running late so I bought her ticket and saved her a place. She showed up a few minutes into it and asked
what she'd missed. "Struggling family," I whispered. I was glad to have no idea what to expect and I won't
say anything about it other than when it ended the audience let out a collective breath. This was my first
time at Ark Lodge—what a gem! An old time vibe, more homey than palatial but a big enough screen
& good sound, cute local ads beforehand and special AV accommodations for those who need them.
A great place to nurture a cinematic habit. We emerged from the spell cast by Bong Joon-ho into a
world quite different from when we entered—fog had descended to diffuse the light and dampen
 all sound. It was as if the suspension of disbelief had seeped out of the theater into the street.
When I spoke it was like hearing myself underwater. I caught the 7 right out front. Happy I
took the bus—it let me protract my reverie, window a screen, the city just another movie.
As if following dream logic, the 7 squared itself into the 49 and my mind kept up, raced
with exponentialities, seeing clearly through the fog, two weeks since my last drink.