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January 3, 2020


Sarah and her parents leave today, their vacay ends with a litany of chores, trying to leave
the housesit cleaner than it was before--laundry, scrubbing, vacuuming, scooping cat poop.
Rolled Barry's pimpin whip to Makawao recycling center that somehow eludes Apple maps,
each forced iOS upgrade worse than the last. When I brought my HI-5s to be redeemed the braddah
in charge informed me, "We outta money." "Can I get a receipt for later?" "No." "Okaaay. Where can
I leave 'em?" He pointed at a bin and I said goodbye to a dollar fifty. It was worth it just to be rid of
them. Then I dumped the non-deposits--musique to my ears. Bill returned the rental car and we went
for a last dip (for Sarah, at least) at Kanaha but the north shore was socked in by rain so we detoured
to Kihei, if only for a taste of  808 Deli's liliko'i pudding. Got the last one by luck then bodysurfed a
few small but shapely waves. Rainbows danced in and out of focus on the drive back to Haliimaile.
Sarah and her parents left, Barry and Allison came back, two planes passing in the night as I waited
in cell phone lot listening                                                            to a podcast. An even exchange, three
                                                                                                        for three--Bill, Jennie, and Sarah
                                                                                                         for Barry, Allison, and Lili--and we
                                                                                                          wound down the rainy night with
                                                                                                             a double dose of Neil Breen.