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August 4, 2019

spacer.gif went to brett's to help him put finishing touches
on his backyard skate ramp. my sweet makita
track saw made ripping the plywood so easy.
as he rolled urethane sealer on, my They Live
camera gave me an inadvertent glimpse of true
reality. then he took me to lunch at one of my
fave seattle restaurants
. if i lived as close to it
as he does i'd be there at least once a week.
hot out, so we braved the seafair crowds to
visit J dock for a quick dip, 6-pack of Colt
45 tallboys a dubious gift for jackie. folks
barely noticed the blue angels doing their
noisy stunts. had to skip out to MoM to
help greg load a big           gluelam beam
through a window.