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July 23, 2019

Sometimes I wonder if I've squandered
my potential. Not often--just every day
or so. Maybe several times a day. But
seldom every waking minute. Here I am,
building and fixing stuff for money, work
that people with far less education and
experience could do just as well, if not
better. But I can't help but feel good when
I'm doing it--there's tactile pleasure in
manipulating materials, satisfaction in
problem-solving, and always more room
for learning and improvement. Plus, I'm
my own boss and set my own schedule
with every day being somewhat different.
I also enjoy the curious aesthetics of jobs
in progress, as with this patch of a messy
ceiling hole left by HVAC electrician. Got
to a good stopping point and knocked off
early to work on my boat, where I patched
superficial paint cracks, stained the galley
shelf, and repositioned new cam cleats for
the traveler. Ultimately, I take satisfaction
knowing what I do for fun is more or less
the same as what I do for money.