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July 9, 2019

eagle cliff overlook cypress island
I'm just not really into civilization any more. I grew up in the suburbs, raised on a steady diet of TV brainwash, obsessed with stuff, concerned with status. People are at their dumbest when they think they're smarter than the ads they watch or the content of their social media feeds. It's not the individual impressions that matter, but the totality of the social engineering experiment. I used to be quite happy in cities. New York, Prague, Baltimore, Seattle—each had its charms and excitements.
I liked the noise, diversions, and intensity of all those people pressed together. Now, solitude is my favorite thing. To bob on the water in a boat, smell the salt air, only the flap of sails and trickle of wavelets along the hull—that's the best! I don't even like hiking much except by myself, no talking or keeping pace, alternately surrendered to the green light or arrested by tiniest forest floor details. Alone at the top of Eagle Cliff, I looked down on a pair of raptors as they spiraled upward on a thermal till they were high above me. Below, motorboat wakes trailed behind humans in their futile high speed pursuits....
I say all this, but then it was really nice to catch up with Heike and Terry on Lopez Island later that rainy night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
                          island eagle cliff trail forest