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June 27, 2019


Moving from Manhattan to Seattle in 1998 induced a fair amount of

 culture shock. To get to our place in Fremont, we passed over an unpaved
alley. "Dirt roads in a city? WTF?" I opened this bank account in a doublewide trailer at the base of the steep alley behind our apartment. I was customer #360 and it was a quaint and friendly place to conduct business. Soon after, FFNB was absorbed by NorthStar, a regional bank, in turn usurped by Frontier, then ultimately
Union Bank, a multinational subsidiary with holdings in the Dakota Access pipeline. That was the last straw. Through it all, I hadn't defected because the account number was symmetrical and easy to remember. The bank changed names but my digits remained,
kind of like my Czech great aunt who lived
in seven countries without moving from her family
I hung on longer than I should've but
finally ditched it last year to join a local credit
union. This first card expired only 13 months
after it was issued because of Y2K. Remember the hysteria around that coming disaster? That prediction didn't come to pass, but the foreshadowing of the saiboat on this ATM card was a sign of things to come...