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May 21, 2019


my first experience of counterculture was when i
was a wee child in 1970s Hempstead NY when the
Grateful Dead would play Nassau Coliseum, trailing in their wake a caravan of hippies
and their self-contained nomadic economy of tie-dyes, grilled cheese, and nitrous oxide
balloons, giving me and my stunned Czech immigrant parents our first second-hand
whiffs of pot and patchouli when none of us knew what either one was. 15 years later i would
drop acid at a Dead show                  there, impressed more by the parking lot scene than the show itself, of which the main thing i remember is an                        arena opaque with smoke and a red-eyed baby staring into my soul over the shoulder of its swaying mother. ah,                     memories. tonight's performance was a little bit different, though when i saw this bus outside the Carco Theater         in Renton i could relate to the Deadhead impulse of dropping everything to hit the road.
and not only that, they're looking for a tour bus driver. it's enough to make me want to run away and join the circus!