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April 12, 2019


this is a
3/8 inch bolt hole 18 feet above the quonset
hut dirt floor. that's cody up above looking in. i
worked underneath, he harnessed in to work
the top of the arch.
we pulled the old rusty
fasteners to replace
them with long bolts
to attach racks
for 12 new solar panels.
prisoners in adjacent cells who are
forbidden to speak, we developed a code
based on knocks--one for tighten, two for
loosen, three for done or ready. did this 44
times, poised high atop an A-frame ladder
lashed to a truck bed.
pretty repetitive but the
  precarious nature
of this balancing act made it
compelling throughout. once the bolts
were set, i joined
cody up
top where we figured out how to dial in parallel flat
planes on a curved roof. after
a couple of false starts, we worked
it out, found
moments between wrenching nuts to soak up the view.