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March 27, 2019

 ask me where i live 
 and i'll say seattle 

 ask me where i'm from 
 and i'll say new york 

 ask me my heritage 
 and i'll say it's czech 

 but where do i feel 
 i most belong? maui! 

 and of all the places 
 that connect, the one 

 i hold closest is hamoa 
 a beach east of hana 

 a short sandy crescent 
 tucked in tradewind cove 

 gets some surf but what 
 sets it apart is the water 

 it's so clear, green seen 
from on top, blue below 

breakers kick up sand 
but it quickly settles 

it's salty but fed by 
springs that sweeten it 

every visit i try to stay 
under till i grow gills