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March 13, 2019

one thing i forgot is how quiet it is here.
birds, bugs, breeze, breakers. that's about it. no sirens,
autos, jets, or neighbors. i slept so deep and woke full of energy,
eager for some reason to break out the weedwhacker. i'm not sure
why but i find it satisfying. got a scare when i roused a broody hen
that erupted into the air. testament to the power of motherhood, she hung
in there till the last second when i suddenly exposed her and an even dozen eggs
hidden in tall grass. this work creates an interesting balance--mind wanders but body
is focused, imperfect but making improvements. i took a chance and drove out to hamoa, arrived just in time for
the rain but that didn't matter, i intended to get wet anyway. the water was heavenly and i thanked my excess adipose for
making it easy to live up to my name: bob. i opened my eyes underwater, blue, infinity just another word for what's beyond the limit of our vision. thought how being shark-eaten might not be the worst way to go. what is home? here there's a feeling of fending off invasion and though i'm a haole my sympathies lie with the sovereignty movement. that's who runs the huli huli at koki and it was an honor to speak with uncle bob and learn about their community based business model. the feral cats chose their spot well, unlikely to starve among soft touches such as myself, but it's enough to make one question the sanctity of family to see these siblings compete for scraps so fiercely.