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March 1, 2019

spacer.gif                   literally ran to the bank with 30 franklins to deposit. nothing like jogging with a large amount of cash to pep up your pace. but! i took precautions in case i dropped them, stuffed in envelope with REWARD! & phone number sharpie'd in childish scrawl. naive, perhaps, but i assume there are others out there like me. the point is moot. i made it fine. the sun was so shiny, bright and almost hot, 48 degrees, passed some and was in turn passed by them when i ran out of gas. it didn't matter. i ran/walked all the way to my secret oasis where i lifted weights, swam, soaked, and stretched in the steamroom. i've really let myself go, forgot how much i like and need exercise. working construction, i fool myself into thinking that feeling worked at the end of the day is analogous to physical fitness, but that's just beating yourself up, wearing out specific parts, whereas a more balanced regimen induces a fullbody feeling of wellness and strength. there's a reason they call it work. to be healthy under capitalism is a luxury i can barely afford.