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February 18, 2019

                                                                                      Philly's lost its edge,
                                                                                    the bartender said...
                                                                               a minute later a fight
                                                                           broke out, fists on flesh,
                                                                  overturned chairs. Not at work! 
                                                             was all he could say, reluctant to get
                                                            between them; a third guy broke
                                                            it up but the shouting went on
                                                         and on. we patrons just smiled
and no one left even though it meant waiting extra long to order
   lunch because of this battle in the kitchen staff civil war.
   Philly's changing, Seattle's changing, everywhere's
  changing. the only thing that doesn't change is
death--and that's just a guess. does death die?
deep thoughts for shallow minds as i ambled
up schuykill east bank to PMA, drifting
alone, weightless, whelmed, as tourists
flocked for Rocky selfies outside.

each generation forgets the
one before last. what then?