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February 15, 2019

spacer.gif as much as i enjoy aimless
wandering, there's something
to be said for traveling with a
purpose. the tour of sarah's
future art installation sites
took us across the ben franklin
bridge to camden county
environmental center. traffic here
is bearable, unlike seattle, but i
was reminded of a harrowing cab
ride i took in new york city way
back in the '90s. the driver was out
of his mind and we asked him to
take it easy, there was no hurry.
he cackled as he slalomed like a
madman, "what? you want me to
drive jersey style?" it wasn't
until today that i saw what he
meant. no offense, my new jersey
friends, but there was a noticeable
shift in driving habits on your
side of the river. maybe that's a
mark in your favor. it's nice to drift
along in a lackadaisical daydream,
but today we had places to be.