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February 9, 2019

we went to the schumacher gallery at the
blackmore library in columbus to see the
big exhibit of ed curtis photos, shown in
gloomy light to protect the sensitive
prints. it's heart-wrenching to think
about the scope of the cruelty and
loss on which the US was built.

   (pause to reflect on that.)

but i spent more time with the
impressive permanent collection
which included pieces by many i
already knew--durer, goya, benton,
matisse--and some that were new to
me--herman leonard, david blythe,
hugues merle, plus lots of individual
works of "fine" vs. "folk" art which
i neglected to properly catalog. the
only real stinkers were a bunch of
pop trifles from lichtenstein,
warhol, et al--poorly made
and vacuous, testament to
the power of branding to
sanctify even lesser art.