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January 10, 2019

Day 4
and still taking
tours of the place.
Gonna be here four
weeks & even then
I'm guessing we won't
see it all. With several
buildings and a lot of land,
Strawbale Studio both sprawls
and goes deep in rich detail, as
with this eagle armrest sculpted
into the bench of a large rocket stove
in the Red Shed, our primary work studio.

I had the afternoon off and though it was nice out
I opted to work on my junk and took a much needed nap.

There's more to this residency than just learning sustainable building
techniques. The whole process is collaborative and consensus driven,
with an emphasis on nonviolent communication (NVC), a concept and
approach that's new to me. (Hey! I'm from New York, so shut the fuck up!)
Ha ha, just kidding. The basic idea so far as I understand it is to listen to others
through the frame of trying to discern the deeper needs behind what they're saying.
These ten assumptions are a concise articulation of why there's hope for humanity...